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Congegno - Spring European Tour - Europa MMXII

As you can see, European Tour starts on next Friday - the 20th of April.

Thanks to Olly and his Rebirth Booking we're gonna tour Europe from the 20th of April to the 1st of May riding through Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria.
We're so stoked to be around two weeks, that we already know it's gonna be a sick trip.

Here are the shows, check 'em out and if you're on our road be there at the show.

20th Apri (Friday) Winterthur @ GGS31 - Switzerland w/La Societe Elle A Mauvais Haleine
21st April (Saturday) Basilea @ Hircheneck - Switzerland w/Auxes (usa)
22nd April (Sunday) Wiesbaden @ Kulturkneipe Sabot - Germany
23rd April (Monday) Decin @ Biograff - Czech Republic w/Embrace Destruction (ita)
24th April (Tuesday) Teplice @ Bozak Club - Czech republic w/Embrace Destruction (ita)
25th April (Wednesday) Zwickau @ Tivoli e.V. - Germany w/Decades
26th April (Thursday) Berlin @TBA - Germany w/Score to Zero, Afterlife Kids
27th April (Friday) Leiden @ Sub 071 - Netherlands
28th April (Saturday) Day Off - chilling at Groezrock
29th April (Sunday) Day Off - chilling at Groezrock
30th April (Monday) Annecy @ La Machine Utile - France w/Diedjinn
1st May (Tuesday) Innsbruck @ Café DeCentral - Austria w/The 20 Belows

Thank to laterraurla for the screenprinted posters (they're 30 limited copies).

See you on the road captains.

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